Michel Demont

Surf spots

Tahiti and Moorea have the world's best surfing spots. Depending on seasons, the weather conditions and your skills, we choose the best place for your surf lesson. All year long, Tahiti offers the possibility for beginners and experts to surf all around the island.

Tahiti - East coast (best period from November to April):
- Baie de Matavai & Point VĂ©nus (PK10)
- Ahonu & Orofara (PK12)
- La Source - Les Sapins (PK13)
- The Bay (Papenoo, PK 14.5)
- Faaone (PK33)

Tahiti - West coast (best period from May to October):
- Taapuna (PK12 - all year round)
- Sapinus (PK15)
- Pa'ea (PK21.5)
- Papara (PK37)

Tahiti - Iti:
- Vairao Passes (PK8)
- Teahupoo, Hava'e Pass (PK18)

- Tamae
- Paopao & Opunoho Bay
- Moorea Beachcomber Intercontinental Resort
- Haapiti