Osteitis Tuberculosa Multiple Cistoides

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The plain radiograph of both hands and left elbow show multiple cystic osteolytic lesions involving all long tubular bones and carpal bones. This case demonstrates "osteitis tuberculosa multiplex cystoides" or "Jungling disease" which is the multifocal musculoskeletal TB and often found in disseminated disease and conjoined with pulmonary infection. /2/1 · Jüngling 1 in first reported on this disease and termed it osteitis tuberculosa multiplex cystica. Reviewing the subject in , he found 55 cases, including 9 of Cited by: 4. bone, best termed osteitis tuberculosa multiplex cystoides. It must be differentiated from syphilis, nonspecific osteomyelitis, multiple myeloma, osteitis fibrosa cystica, Hand-Schüller-Christian disease, Gaucher's disease, echinococcic cysts, coccidiosis, cellCited by: 4. Apr 24, , FRANCIS A. ELLIS published Jüngling's «ostitis tuberculosa multiplex Osteitis cystica tuberculosis multiple, Cystic tuberculous osteitis, Multiple pseudo -cystic tuberculosis. Fig. Multiple cystic tubercu]ous lesions of the skull and tahitisurfschool.com, TURKISH ET AL.: OSTEITIS TUBERCULOSA MULTIPLEX CYSTICA Clinical CourseX-ray of the right hand on admission disclosed a notch- like defect at the juncture of tile distal and middle thirds of Cited by: 3. Osteitis Tuberculosa Multiplex Cystica 1 With Report of Two Cases Jacob H. Vastine, M.D., Clinical Professor of Radiology and Emily P. Bacon, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia ↵ 1 Presented before the Philadelphia Roentgen Ray Society, Nov. 1, Excerpt THERE are two types of tuberculosis of the. No attempt is made in this discussion of osteitis tuberculosa multiplex cystica to present new facts. Although the disease is infrequent, the roentgen, pathologic, and clinical descriptions of it in the literature have been ample for one to make diagnosis without Cited by: 2. La osteitis tuberculosa multiple quisti-ca es una enfermedad bastante rara. De ahi que creamos de inter6s la publi-cation de este caso que ha sido tratado con estreptomicina y nos ha permitido conocer una modalidad nueva de evolu-tion. Los primeros casos 1. Osteitis tuberculosa multiple cistoides Patógena y tratamiento radioterápico de la disura senil Placenta previa y cesárea abdominal Pneumothorax extrapleural Prematuros Primeras experiencias sobre el empleo del PAS en el tratamiento de la tuberculosis. Jüngling's «ostitis tuberculosa multiplex cystoides«is not cystic tuberculous osteitis Article in Journal of Internal Medicine (1‐2) - · April with 35 Reads. Tuberculous Osteomyelitis. Skeletal tuberculosis has a tendency to involve weight-bearing joints, and several clinical patterns are described, including spondylitis, peripheral arthritis, reactive arthritis or Poncet disease, osteomyelitis, and soft tissue abscesses (Box ).