Sexuality &Amp; Marriage In Colonial Latin America

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/9/10 · Recogimiento: Virginity, Enclosure, and Female Virtue in Colonial Latin America Listen, download, watch on YouTube, or scroll down for the transcript. Related Episodes: Coverture: Married Women and Legal Personhood in Britain Marriage in America: A BriefAuthor: Sarah Handley-Cousins. Lavrin, Asunción “ Sexuality in Colonial Mexico: A Church Dilemma,” in Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America, Lavrin, Asunción ed. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, ), p. /9/8 · In French and Latin America, slaves were often granted a limited legal personality with regard to marriage. While practices varied, several types of legally recognized marital arrangements seem to have been possible within and across the status of enslaved and free; occasionally, they were racially exogamous as well. /3/12 · Latin America has long captivated outsiders for its seeming absence of a black-white racial binary, fluidity in racial self-ascriptions, and racially-mixed populations. Latin American elites, for their part, willingly adopted this sense of exceptionalism, and for much of the twentieth century the region gained a reputation as home to so-called racial democracies.[1]. /5/2 · Across Latin America, the gay backlash has been felt most profoundly in Brazil, where the highest court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in Since then, Brazilian legislators have retaliated with a plethora of anti-gay bills that call for redefining the family. James Blake Wiener: At the heart of An Ordinary Marriage is an argument that the western cult of domesticity did not pervade the gentry class in late imperial Russia. The family’s patriarch, Andrei Chikhachev (c. ), was the primary educator of his two children, while his wife, Natalia Chikhachev (), oversaw the management of the estate, serfs and family finances. Vedic and Classical Sources Ancient Sanskrit texts indicate that women had important ritual responsibilities that benefited the household and society as a whole. Jamison argues that the texts clearly indicate not only women’s value in this respect, but also demonstrate ambivalence toward women who, in marriage, were exchanged as commodities. /10/7 · Last Updated on 10/07/ by FilipiKnowRaise your hand if you know too little about the pre-colonial Philippines. Don’t feel bad if you do, because chances are you’re not alone. Before this, I knew more about Rizal than anything else. Heck, even some school kids. Scott A. Silverstone is an ASU Future of War Fellow at New America, a professor of international relations at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the author of "From Hitler's Germany to Saddam's Iraq: The Enduring False Promise of.  · Asunción Lavrin, ed. Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America paperback print. Latin American Studies Series. Lincoln, Neb.: Univ. of Nebraska Press, Asunción Lavrin’s edited volume, Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America, presents a series of perspectives on what Lavrin calls the “conquest of the mind,” the means through which the Spanish state and Catholic. Asunción Lavrin (ed.), Sexuality and Marriage in Colonial Latin America (Lincoln, Neb. and London: University of Nebraska Press, Latin American Studies Series, ), pp. viii + , $ - Volume 23 Issue 1 - Patricia Seed.